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Williams/Gerard Productions, Inc. (WG) is a proven communications resource.
We are dedicated to providing smart solutions to your diverse communication challenges.
We collaborate, we create, we inspire. We provide tangible and immeasurable ROI.
We are passionate about our work, but seeing is believing.

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In order to show the big picture, we have provided case studies that we feel really hit on the scope of our capabilities when it comes to providing the ultimate message experience.
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WG offers a flexible range of production services that span live events, meetings, product launches, awards ceremonies, and special events.
From scripting to comprehensive design, from video production to original music, in any medium, WG focuses your message.
Entertainment is not just great performances; it's about making an impact and creating a lasting memory.
Whether they are green messages for training or interactive development, one of our passions is developing compelling learning programs.
We use proven, cutting-edge virtual technologies to extend and achieve our client's communications.
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We set the environment for your message.
Production: AFLAC
WG and AFLAC partnered for their National Sales Convention, where we provided turnkey production support and a custom scenic look.
Creative: NMFN
Creating this event for Northwestern Mutual, WG staged some of the most recognizable names in entertainment for this crowd.
Entertainment: AARP
For AARP, WG produced and managed the main stage, including lavish concerts, green rooms and big name entertainment!
Learning: IP Sustainability
As part of an internal communications campaign, WG developed training videos to demonstrate IP's best safety and business practices.
Virtual: Pharma
WG provides flexible, affordable and secure virtual solutions to many of our clients.